"Running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you put into it." - Oprah Winfrey


DBRC Club - FREE Social
Running Club

The roads are always free, and so is our social running club. Group runs take place throughout the week and year round, but our Saturday morning run tends to draw the biggest crowds. The running club is open to anyone & everyone, regardless of ability or experience level. Lace ‘em up and come join us for a social run!

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Details on our Tap It Fun Pub Run!


Healthy/Good Form
Running Workshops

Workshops offered throughout the season based on the idea that efficient running is a SKILL to be learned. We focus on technique that will help prevent injury and increase efficiency in runners. Form (posture/cadence), stability, core work, mobility and stretching principles are all addressed. The workshop focuses on form rather than a race goal.

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Training Program & Schedules - Speedwork, Hillwork, 5k to Ultra

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, we will have a training program for you! We will offer several training options to choose from based on your fitness level and individual goals.


DBRC Ambassadors and
Sponsored Elite Team

Elite includes those individuals who train exceptionally hard to reach their goals and have achieve the standard set by DBRC. As a sponsored athlete, we offer free and/or discounted equipment, race entries, and in some cases travel expenses. We hope to provide the camaraderie of new training partners and offset the cost of training thousands of miles a year. Interested? Contact the CEO. Meet some of the Team here


AT DBRC: We provide FREE walking and running groups every Tuesday (5:30 AM, 2-6 mile route) or (6:30 PM, Speed & Hill workout led by a coach) and Thursday (6:30 PM, 2-4 mile route). We leave from the store and provide hydration. There is a variety of runners that show on a given day with paces varying anywhere from 7mins/mile to 12+.


Featured Group Run Saturday, February 10th at 7am from DBRC and ending at Over the Bridge Café. The run is any where from 5-12 miles and all paces are welcome!

Running should be fun and FREE. The DBRC will firmly never charge for group runs.


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WITH PARTNERS: (These events are seasonal - please call the DBRC for more details.)