"Running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you put into it." - Oprah Winfrey


Delray Beach is unique. A quaint and warm place to feel welcomed. We embrace fast. We embrace slow. We embrace happy. We build upon a lifestyle versus a single performance or a single race.

From head to missing toenail! Our diverse community includes beginners, professional athletes, youth, seniors, and the physically challenged—no matter why you run, walk or workout, you’ll find a home at the DBRC.

Be different … Be a champion.


  • 1.
    We compete with passion:

    Whether you are the one pushing your legs to the limit or the one screaming your lungs out for a teammate to hit their goal… Engage and inspire!

  • 2.
    We story-tell:

    Fitness and running go hand and hand with amazing feats and heartfelt finish lines. Young or old, there is a never-ending wealth of knowledge captured in a simple story or experience. Let’s hear your story.

  • 3.
    We work hard (and play hard):

    Practice with great energy and that energy will spread … Just as the sun arrives everyday blazing hot, bring the heat to your training every time you lace up. Run the sun.

  • 4.
    We seek unique:

    DBRC may not be for everyone, and that’s quite all right. But when you do choose to be a part of this unique group, join because you are as courageous, hard-working, and diverse as us. Let’s see you run free!

Join in for friendship, for guidance, for training, for community. Because the truth is, running will transform your life. (Check our Training page out)